Import Video in small size

Hello. Will be great to have more options when you export the video in Cubase. So many times I need to show the idea of my scoring for the picture. And always Cubase render it with a big size. Will be great to choose the quality of the video. Is it possible? Or please let me know, how you working with the export? Use the converter? If yes, which one is free and good? Thanks


Add the feature-request tag, please.

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Use a 3rd party tool such as Shutter Encoder or ER Media Toolkit to replace the audio on a video file.

Basically you would export your audio mixdown, and then using this software it replaces (without having to re-render) the audio stream on a video file.

It is very quick and ideal for sending video exports back to client.

Of course. But will be great to have this option in Cubase without 3rd tools

And btw I don’t need to replace the audio from video. When I am producing for the film I am export the video with my music and then need to show it to the director. But the file is so big. Bit seems that Shutter Encoder can do the size smaller as well… need to learn this tool then…

As a workaround, I have found Handbrake to be really good at producing files that are small enough for internet collaboration, but do not lose too much in visual quality in the process. You will have to play around with the presets a little bit in order to get the optimum result, but once you have that, it’s very easy to use.

And did I mention that’s it’s free, cross-platform and open-source?

Ah sorry haha my mind went right to what I generally do which is TV advertisements (so I generally send the full length video back each time - so I just replace the audio on the original video), forgot you mentioned films so yes I see what you are saying.

But yep Shutter Encoder can make them smaller. Handbrake is great too!

Thanks for this link! Will try this tool for sure. Really hope, that sometimes Steinberg this option for render video with a small size…