Import video - not supported

Hello everyone. I have a problem about importing videos, on dorico on Win 10

I made an audio file with Cubase, but Dorico only imports video files, so I uploaded my audio file to an online file conversion site, making an Mp4 file.

So I open Dorico, go to configuration mode and click on flow>Video>connect

From the file open screen it actually shows the video fule, but when I select it and hit enter Dorico replies with an error message “the video format is not supported”.

I tried different formats, all “visible”, but none of these are opened by Doric

Can you help me please?

There are a number of threads about how to do this. I suggest you search the forum for something like “video format”

thank you

I found several threads… the solution is very cumbersome… how nice it would be to be able to import simple .waw files

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