Import Videos to 10.5 from Windows

Hey there. Having trouble importing videos into Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10.
Have tried converting WMV to MP4 and AVI to no avail. Super frustrated as am on a deadline and paid for upgrade to make syncing video audio easier.
Please don’t post a link to a page that doesn’t spell out clearly what to do here.
Would really appreciate the help. thanks kindly.

Hi and welcome,

Please read through Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico article.

I did read through that but am no further ahead. That page has info for various systems and software all lumped together and not very newbie friendly.

Just want to edit the sound on some live videos, taken with our Gooogle Pixel phones…using Cubase Pro 10.5 on windows 10 home.

Looking for info specific to that set up. Or at least to Cubase 10.5 which we upgraded to specifically so we could sync music and videos.

please help. thanks kindly.


Please use one thread only.