Import vslprj-file no sound from vsts

I exported a cubase file and imported into VST Live. the audio files work sound well, the VST tracks are there but there is no sound. I see that they are playing but I got no sound. solo, muting and so doesn’t work. what do I do wrong?

Did you check ch routing (ch, grp, out)?

Yes and no. Doesn t it be okay when you import it as a file? When i check the tracks they are there but there no extra channels in the mixer. The only audio i hear are the audio files.

… I guess your VST instruments are not transferred? Please note that VST Live only transfers “Instrument tracks” of Cubase. Maybe that’s the problem?


No, the plug-ins are there with the right preset. Someway they are not connected to the stereo out. There is no button to connect them to a stereo out

Hi @Johanzero,

I’ve create an empty Cubase project and added a Retrologue Instrument track to it. Then I’ve exported the project to VST Live, started VST Live and imported the project. And you’re right! The instrument (Retrologue) is not connected to the default Main Output.

Do you know that all channels of TRACKS are sub-channels of the SONG Channel in the Mixer? Just click the e(dit) of the Song channel

And then you see all sub-channels. And there you can see if the instrument channels are not connected (nc). Click to it and change it.

Thank you for your report. We’ll fix it,

Thank you! I look forward to the fix!regards johan