import vst collection stuff into HalionPlayer?

After having not use it for quite some time, I started muckin’ about with HP and I’m starting to find some use for it.

I find some of the built-in sounds are quite unique.

I’m not sure how to import additional sample data or what type works (.aif/wav/etc) but I am now wondering if I can import the VST Collection into HP.


Wondering the same here.


it is not possible to import the VST Sound library into Halion Player.



Hi y’all
I’m new in this Forum and I found it on my search for answers on the question: “how to load and/or to import HSB, FXP …files into HALion Player”.
I’ve just learned from Chris Beuermann, that it is not possible to import/load the VST Sound Library into HALion Player. Well, it seems to me it is not possible to import HSB files at all, despite the fact, that HALion Player is “capable of playing any HSB file”, as documented on the rear side of the DVD-Box Cover.
Is there a trick to do so? Can I get some help?

Hello, Alexis,

which HSB files do you want to import? Have you tried the “Locate Content” button in HALion Player?

Best regards


I’m trying to import some horn files into HP by clicking on the “load samples (replace)” command but when I navigate to the samples and execute, it doesn’t load them and doesn’t replace the HP samples. Am I missing something? I have a choice of 3 different versions of the same samples. I was trying to load the “wave” version. There is also “Halion” and “EXS24” versions.

Ok, I got HP to purge the HP samples but it still won’t load the samples I need it to. I tried loading the “wave” version and the “Halion” version. I tried the loading window and I tried the “locate content” option. I can navigate to the samples, I’ve got it to post the names of the samples in the windows but when I click the window open to load a particular sample, they are not there. Any thoughts?

Hello, Will,

I have never tried other formats but I’m able to load WAV files without any problems. After locating the WAV file(s) you want to import, HP opens a dialog window with several options, including the “Starting key”. What happens when you load just one WAV file into, let’s say, C2 as the “Starting key”, and then you press the C2 key on HP? Can you hear the sound, or not?


Hey Miloslav,
I can get them to load and play. I just couldn’t tell they were in there because every program has the same line-up of H3 samples and I can’t purge them. The other samples that I load in never show, just the HP samples.

Hello, Will,

HP cannot create or modify an HSB file, it can only read them. That’s the reason why you weren’t successful in creating your own program the way you tried it. In order to create a new instrument (a program) from your own samples, follow these steps:

  1. open HP in the standalone mode
  2. load the samples the way you did it before (you can also rename the default “Program 1” to an arbitrary name you want)
  3. create an FXP file by Menu->File->Save Program
  4. close the standalone HP, open Cubase and load HP into the VST rack
  5. now you can load your newly created FXP file into HP by clicking on the MediaBay button on the top of the HP window and selecting “Import FXP/FXB”

Multi presets (banks) are handled similarly, the only difference is that you create an FXB file instead.

Hopefully, this is what you were after :wink:


Great! I’ll give that a shot tonight.
Thanks again. Enjoy your day!