? import wav file from Dropbox?

How do I import wav file from Dropbox to Cubasis?


it is not possible to import from Dropbox at the moment. I can only recommend you to use one of the other import techniques that are available.

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Since we’re brand new to Cubasis, can you recommend an easy way to import.
We have wav files on dropbox that we want to get into Cubasis to work on and then upload back to dropbox.
I could email the file from dropbox to my iPad…would that work?
I know how to do all of this on a regular computer since we used to work with Cubase when we had our studio,
but not sure how to do it on an iPad.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


sure I can. Emailing the files to your iPad should work. You could also use iTunes File Sharing (Connect iPad -> Open iTunes -> Go to apps -> Select Cubasis -> Scroll down to File Sharing -> Select Cubasis -> Drag&Drop your files), or the WiFi-Server. However, both of these option would involve a computer.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Will try it thru iTunes…sounds easy enough. Thanks.

Just did it…drag and drop using my computer. It was really easy. Got it open in Cubasis and ready to go.
Thanks for the help

Get the app Audioshare. Reads and writes to Dropbox and uses copy paste - both the Sonoma and General variants. Has a loop trimmer. Works with Audiobus as both an input or output. Converts between many, all?, file formats. It is a must have tool for audio files on an iPad.