import wav problem

Hi all, I imported a 16 bit wav into a new project and the peak file is maxed out. I mean brick wall to the top and gain level reads up in the 799dB range. So I dragged another copy of the wav into the window and it came up properly but all of the tool windows are grayed out unavailabe, no effects, CD dialog or any of the ones in that section of the menu. I am at a complete loss. Anybody know what I am missing?
Pro 9.1.0, build 684
Win 7

Do you mean you used the menu File>Import>Unknown Audio to import the file? That easily imports wrong and maxed out if the parameters in the unknown audio dialog are not right for the file you’re importing.

Normally you should use File>Open to open or add audio files in Wavelab, or drag the file in, like you did the second time.

File>Import>Unknown Audio is not normally used for anything except opening files that can’t be opened in the normal way. (like headerless files).

The CD selection and Effects selection in the Tool Windows menu are greyed out until you make or open a Montage. VST effects for individual audio files without montage are added in the Master Section, so there isn’t a separate Effects selection in the Tool Windows menu for individual audio files.

Maybe try to switch to another tab, and back.

Thanks for the help folks. I’ll get in the studio today and try all the ideas. I’ve never had any problems in all the years I’ve been using Wavelab so hopefully this is just a momentary glitch.

Ok, so I’ve got it now. Use File>Open to open or add audio files and the grayed out section under “Tool Windows” is only active for montages. To apply fx in an audio file you use the master control panel and render to save it. It seems like I need to get used to working out of montages and not the audio file window. Thank y’all for helping out an old troglodite like me who works in occasional overload projects.
Now maybe I’ll upgrade to 9.5… or is that asking for trouble?
Thanks again,
Minglewood Studio

9.5 (current version) is rock solid for me (on Windows 10).