Important Announcement Regarding Vintage Classics and Sounds of Soul

Effective as of today, the installation process of Vintage Classics and Sounds of Soul changes to VST Sound Archive, which entails a license activation (the same process that applies to our other products). Customers who have already purchased Vintage Classics and Sounds of Soul will receive the necessary codes via their corresponding Asknet accounts.

Please note that you will only be required to activate these licenses if you should reinstall these expansions after today and you no longer have the old installers. Only in that case will you need to log into your Asknet account, click on “Orders” and under your Vintage Classics or Sounds of Soul purchases will you find the corresponding Download Access Code.

The download can be found from now on in the Steinberg Download Assistant to make this consistent for all our products.

For further information, please read the help article on how to install VST Sounds and how to activate Download Access Codes.