Important feature requests for VST LIve ASAP please!

Hi guys,
After some playing around & song making in VST LIve Pro, I notice there are some major features missing which are vital & much needed ASAP.

You haven’t added locator point values to the transport panel. How do users set the left & right locator points? Please can you add the option to type in locator point values, rather than expecting users to just drag the right locator all the way to the end of the song?

Can you add the option to change the colours of the Mixer faders please?

In the Chords editor, can you please add a snap grid. At present, users can only add chords on each beat. Chords change more often than that. Having a snap grid would enable users to add chords on the 8th note too. This is vital for when players don’t know the song that well.

Also in the chord editor, there are several chords missing in the list, for instance min7. I appreciate you only have a certain amount of space on the screen, but you have also added a ‘right-click’ drop-down menu of chords. Could you please update the available chords in the drop-down menu to include ALL chords? I find this way of adding chords much simpler & quicker than the bottom buttons & having all the chords available in this list would be perfect.

Also in the chord editor, can you add undo & copy/paste keyboard shortcuts please? CTRL+V, CTRL+Z etc? It will ease the workflow with duplicates & errors.

In the DMX editor, please can you do a major overhaul of the editor tools? In it’s current state, it is unusable. We cannot program a light show with what you have given us. Firstly, yes, you have provided a ‘draw’ tool, but no way of editing the data point value once it has been drawn. Only erase. Plus, we cannot add fades/curves. Please can you add ‘automation’ tracks to esch DMX channel, like in Cubase, ASAP. These are vital to programming & automating a light show… Also, can you please add the ability to name each DMX channel? That way, with complicated light shows using many fixtures, naming channels will make it easier to see which channel corresponds to what fixture & which feature. For instance, on a moving head, you have X & Y motors for vertical & horizontal movement, a master fader & the colour channels. Some fixtures have over 40 DMX channels each!

Can I finish by saying, in regard to the audio & performance side of VST Live, you guys have absolutely nailed it! It’s superb & I’m looking forward to using it for my shows, once I’ve programmed all my songs. It’s making life so much easier for me. With the tweaks I have mentioned above, especially updating the DMX editor ASAP, you will corner the market for live show performance software.

Keep up the great work!
Andrew McKeller

I’ll ask Micha :slight_smile:

No, sorry, those are tied to channel types. The channel color follows Layer or track etc colors though.

Yes, in the planning.

Major/minor in the dropdown list currently depends on the minor button setting. But I see your point and we added minor chords with the next version, also fixed hash and added raw keys (i.e., “C”).

Ok, will check.

Working on it, also automation and DMX channels.