Important information regarding Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

On September 30 Apple will release the new Mac OS X version El Capitan. Our first tests show that different issues occur when running Steinberg products under OS X 10.11. We therefore cannot recommend our customers to update to El Capitan.

Detailed information regarding product compatibility will be published from October 23, 2015, after completing all compatibility tests. However, we can inform you today that Cubase 8.0.30, Nuendo 7.0.30 and the MR Tools and UR drivers are not compatible with El Capitan and advise you not to update your operating system until we provide compatible versions.

If you rely on a trouble-free operation of our products, we recommend waiting with the update of El Capitan until the entire compatibility chart for all Steinberg products has been published.

Is there an expected timeline for the fix?

Not at the moment. It looks like many (audio hardware and software) companies have issued a warning due to compatibility reasons. We will have more information available later this month.

OS 10.10 has been available to developers and beta testers for MONTHS. Why are Steinberg always playing ‘catch up’ with this?? How about being proactive and start developing/bug fixing BEFORE the release date??

I sent this to a customer earlier today:

As a user myself I understand your frustration very well. An operating system update usually offers a lot of interesting new features and improves existing ones. However, very often there is a downside to this and it doesn’t even matter whether it is Windows or Mac OS X.
As a company, we have access to early versions on each new OS released by Apple. The experience we have made over the years clearly showed that starting full-scale tests too early often leads to more iterations of the same test cycle because of last minute changes right before the OS release. Keeping in mind that our resources have certain limits and we need to keep testing our own products and other platforms as well, the only feasible solution is to wait until the release date and start the full test cycle at that point.

As you may have noticed, many companies have issued a warning and/or list incompatibilities. Not only us but NI, Arturia, Yamaha, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Avid, EastWest etc…
Here is an article on this topic that’s worth reading: 5 Reasons Musicians, Producers and DJs Should Avoid Updating to OS X 1 : Ask.Audio

Until further notice, we can only recommend to stay on Yosemite which is working fine with our products and offers full compatibility.

Thanks Ed for the explanation-Im a sucker for an update but even I’m getting very cautious about jumping in too soon. I remember the problems with other apps I had when I updated to Yosemite.

This is another example of the horrid OSs “upgrades” and backward compatibility :smiling_imp: :wink:

It’s not only with music apps too - Outlook hangs and crashes in El Capitan. MS’s fix is to use Yosemite and not upgrade.

That might very well be, but the Golden Master, which is the release version, was issued weeks ago too.

I know Ed’s concern on the last-minute changes, but it’s fine to start these things since late July or early August since Apple will do only bug fixes onto the developer preview builds of their pre-release system. Hope that this would help you guys do preparations earlier in the next year.

Besides, it’s not reasonable to list examples on how other companies delayed their support regarding new system versions. For instance, Cakewalk SONAR supports Windows 10 at their first time while you guys (who should have realized the quicktime-7-defects issue during the long-time developer preview period) are not. Besides, Roland audio interfaces always release their drivers for the new system pretty fast.

P.S.: I haven’t met any issues with Steinberg products yet. I use Cubase Pro 8 occasionally and WaveLab 8.5 pretty often.

No, Microsoft Office-for-mac team intended not to fix such stability issues onto their entire Office 2016 products. I warned them in the early September, but they did nothing.

Seriously you’re giving advice to Steinberg. On how to run their business which is the same way most software companies run their business. Even Logic Pro X and Native Instruments said to wait. What’s the big deal about El Capitan? It doesn’t offer that much. Unlike Mavericks to Yosemite.

Will there be Metal support in Cubase? It should make big performance difference so I’m hoping for it :sunglasses:

Aloha m,

From what I have read (and heard on several podcasts) ‘Metal’ will be used
primarily for gaming.

Is there something going on with it that can be used in Cubase?

Perhaps like faster graphics rendering etc; because I find Cubase graphics to be
a bit snappier on PC than on a Mac.

If ‘Metal’ COULD be used to speed things up in Cubase on the Mac IMHO that would be ‘way kool’.

Good Luck!


Yeah, excellent points… Why is it that out of 5 DAWs that I use - Logic, Live, Cubase, Reason and Tracktion, only Cubase is not compatible with El Capitan…?!
Not only that, but we have to wait whole month for a “official” statement.
At this rate, it will probably be 6 months before we will see a bug fix for Cubase and Apple will begin testing OS X.10.12… What a joke :frowning:

I seriously hope it’s not a month, because I am dead in the water. It’s not a plugin or two that’s b0rked – Cubase Pro crashes on startup (even in safe mode).

Yes, yes. It’s my fault. I know . . . :cry:

The only ‘joke’ I see is when users complain about software compatibility of new versions of software before it has even been released and/or tested with multiple systems.

Yes, Steinberg releases and sells their products for users before complete testing is done. But keep in mind how many software, hardware, and PC setup variations there are…

Anyone who records professionally knows better than to upgrade to a new software before the bugs are worked out. Keep in mind though, only a minute percentage of those that do upgrade have any issue at all.

I have had my issues with previous releases and some serious issues with my last PC build that were related to how Steinberg hardware communicated with the motherboard, but that was caused by ‘MY’ system issues.

If this were another free style forum I would humorously post the video of that girl who said ‘Leave Brittany Alone’. lol

It really has more to do with the diversity of possible setups and OS that has got to be a nightmare for any software developer write for every possible scenario.

Best bet is to wait to upgrade to new software unless you have the ability to run two separate systems. Do the testing on one and complete your work on the other. Otherwise just wait until you feel secure on upgrading. No joke.

I seriously hope it’s not a month, because I am dead in the water.

Me again. Thought I’d mention that the 3rd public beta of El Capitan (10.11.1), which dropped yesterday, fixed everything for me – both Cubase itself and all of my plugins (minus a UI twitch in one of my more complex 3rd party VSTs).

I don’t mean to scare you :open_mouth: But Last year I installed Yosemite on Oct 16th, 2014, I waited until Feb 25th, 2015
for Cubase 7.5.40. That was a long wait. Cubase Pro 8 and a few update were released before :frowning: I had had no major
issue but it was worth the wait. Solid as a rock :sunglasses:

Well, im interested in the Retina support for the next update, besides the new OSX update support.

I hope Steinberg do both for the next release.

Greetings!! :smiley: