Important question about upgrade!

I started a project long time ago…
I started with making the songs in Cubase 4, upgraded to Cubase 5 64-bit.
Now I am thinking about upgrading to Cubase 6 but is it safe to continue saving the songs in Cubase 6?
From Cubase 4, Cubase 5 to Cubase 6?
Or is it best to finish the project before I upgrade?

I want to upgrade because I think that there are less bugs in Cubase 6 compared to Cubase 5.

Win 7, 64-bit, Cubase 5.5.3

Any advice?

Well as C6 will install beside C5 and C4 then you have nothing to worry about.

so does this mean that cubase 6 will install in its full and not like an add on (i.e - i dont need to install my current version of cubase 4 on my new computer to successfully install cubase 6 upgrade, does cubase 4 work on win 7 ?

The only version of Cubase I currently have running is the trial and it’s going great guns with all my old projects even as far back as LE1.

Basically once you save a project in a later version it will only be backwards compatible to a certain extent, eg projects saved in C6 format will not open in C4, but will open in C5.

The upgrade is a full version and depends on the licence on the dongle.