Imported MIDI changes Halion Sonic program

Hello folks,

I imported a guitar MIDI file to Cubase. Halion Sonic gets loaded with piano programs 15 piano programs and a drumset on slot 10
I load a guitar preset on program 1, but when I start playback, the program changes back to a piano…

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Thank you!

I discovered that in Halion Sonic, you have to turn off Program Changes in Options, Global. This stops the program from changing

But how does the MIDI track send program change information? Where do you set that up?

Ok, after researching a little while I found the program change events on the key editor’s lanes. That’s where the program change was coming from.

Thing is, I have Score Editor as my default MIDI editor, so key editor was not in the forefront, and I couldn’t find how a program change could generate from the score.

Thank you!