Imported MIDI file changing VST synth presets automatically!

Hello, I didn’t find yet a response about this issue (or maybe wrong settings) : every time I import midi files ( downloaded from midi collection/karaoke websites ) the settings from my vst synths chosen to play those files are reset each time I press stop/play or save/open again . Even the delay/reverb/cutoff etc functions are reset to the default value after each playing/stop.

That is available for all my vst synths, Nexus2, Spire, Dune, Electra, Sylenth1 etc…
Example: the midi file for bass , imported in project and played with Sylenth1, I choose a bass from presets bank and it is playing ok, but after I press ‘‘stop’’ or I just move the cursor on other point of the track, suddenly the preset of the Sylenth1 is reset to the first preset of the bank automatically !

This is happening with all my vst synths., including Halion , but ONLY with midi files downloaded from midi collection/karaoke websites. Other midi files don’t change anything(example: midi files that I played myself, or midi files from producerloops, loopmasters, soundtosample and other providers )

I try to delete the Defaults.xml in the user/appData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 75_64 ( answers from other forums on net) , restarting pc, but the problem still is .

On the left Inspector, all midi settings are deactivated (Quick control, midi modifiers ,all are not enabled) but still ,something is reseting my vst synths to the default (first) patch of the bank when I save the project, when I press stop or even when I move the cursor into another point of track .

Also, in Preferences/ MIDI / the ‘‘Reset on stop’’ function is deactivated .

My PC configuration: OS: Windows 7 Professional Service pack 1 64 bit / Cubase 7.5.30 64 bit ,
Hardware: Intel 3770 3,4 Ghz , 4 x SSD 250 Gb , 16 Gb ram , Nvidia GTX 680 , sound card : M-audio Delta 1010

If you have any ideea why midi files are sending a ‘‘reset’’ instruction for vst synths after each playing, please help.

Thank you !