Imported MIDI from cubase looks horrible in Dorico-what am I doing wrong?

I imported a very simple part from Cubase. Here’s how it looks in the score editor in Cubase:

I drag the midi file in to Dorico and it looks like this:

The original file does not have all those sustaining notes. I also dragged the midi file in to ableton and it doesn’t show those sustaining notes there either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I may have a nice solution for you.

Cubase score has a wonderfull and usefull function called “Score Notes to MIDI”.
This function is to find under Scores / Function / Scores Notes to MIDI
As you know it is quite very fast to get a good looking score in Cubase Score when you use Display Quantize.
After you get the visual result you want in Cubase Score apply the function “Scores Notes to MIDI” to the part you are working on, your midi notes will be converted to exactly the value you see in your score with display quantize.
Of course you should work on a copy of your track in order to keep your original Midi Data.
You can even assign a shortkey to this function making it very fast to use.
You just select all and apply your shortkey, done.
Now you can export your music either through MIDI export or XML export and it will look in Dorico exactly as it looked in Cubase Score.

I used this function for decades to export my music from Cubase to Finale and it worked wonderfully.
I only had some times to edit some complicated triplets who did not came through very well, but 99% of my music could be very well read by Finale.
I used to export the music through Midi Export from Cubase but since I am now working with Dorico I found out that it is even better to use XML export.
XML export allows you to transfer more settings like for example a key signature (Dorico has no possibility to set a key signature during the import process) and a whole lot more things. It just depends on what you can better and faster set in Cubase Score or in Dorico.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The midi file is clean. Importing the file in both Finale and Sibelious gives good clean results (I downloaded their demos as well). The midi part in Cubase is to the grid with no overlaps. The issue seems to be in Dorico.

Can you zip up and attach the MIDI file here, so we can take a look?

I can’t attach the music here on a public forum, but I would be happy to email it to support. Should I start a support ticket?

I created a Music XML file. It worked better for sure. The only thing is that it turned my shaker in to a flute for some reason. :smiley: It seems like XML is better for me since key signature transfers over. I’ll still be happy to share the midi and the xml file with you, Daniel for debugging if you like.

Yes, please do so. You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Include a link to this thread in your email so I know what it’s in connection with.