Imported MIDI Track: Automation seems to have been imported also, but I can't find it to edit it

Hi - I imported a MIDI track from C11 to C12 Pro, then I loaded a VSTi and routed the MIDI track there (PianoTeq 7). I notice that the sustain pedal signal is being appropriately routed to the PianoTeq VSTi in my C12 project, but when I went to edit it a bit I couldn’t actually find the controller lane to edit!

I did “Show/Hide Automation” in the MIDI track, and I looked for it in the VSTi as well, but I can’t find the controller lane created when I played the track in C11.

Just as a reality check - I know the piano pedal is being appropriately used when the C12 project is played back, not just because I hear it, but the VSTi GUI shows it being pressed at the right times.

Where can I find the controller data (presumably cc64) to edit?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Open the Controller lane in the Key Editor and select CC64. Or you can Show Used Controllers.

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:point_up_2: What Martin said.

Please also be mindful of your terminology — MIDI CC is not automation.
Both Continuous Controller and Automation may be able to achieve the same result, they are two quite different technologies. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Martin.Jirsak and @mlindeb .

And correcting point (terminology: CC, automation) gratefully accepted as well!