Imported & recorded audio not playing

Elements 8.0.40 64 bit
Win10 10.0.16299.371
Presonus Firestudio
16G ram, my project and media cache is on a 2TB drive with over 1TB free.

I have been recording with this basic CE8 set up for a couple of years now and I just started having the following issue.

Audio tracks import and record properly. I can see the waveforms and they play fine from the media pool, however on playback, some tracks are either

  1. silent
  2. silent but have a click/meter spike every 8-10 seconds
  3. have a random loop of 4 or 5 seconds which plays no matter where in the song you are.

Other tracks play with no issue

Sometimes, a restart of the program will get the the “problem” track working, but then another track will be affected by the same problems.

This is a super simple setup at the moment because I am working on a podcast with just 3 tracks.

this does not seem to be related to just playback because a mixdown will suffer from the same issues…even though the files are perfect in the media pool. If it’s silent in the timeline, the clip does not play in the sample editor either. (but again, is fine in the pool)

I did apply the 8.040 patch last week but it didn’t do anything.

I have done everything I can think of to fix this…anyone have any ideas?


Make sure your Audio Device driver is up to date. Try to increase the Buffer Size.

Can you see the meters while playback or not?