Imported Track Not syncing

I have a bit of a problem I need some help desperately.

I am working on a project. I have recorded various guitar parts to a guide drum track. This is at 44.1/24-Bit. I sent a demo of the track with BPM, and info to my drummer friend who recorded his drums to it. Now he sent me a sync test demo of how the drums sounded to my track and everything is good there. he sent me the multi-tracks and I imported each individual drum part (kick, ride cymbal, hi-hat etc).

Now when I listen to the track, the drums are not lining up with the rest of my already recorded parts. I checked with him regarding making sure everything was recorded at correct tempo, in-sync to my recorded tracks, the sample rate etc and all was confirmed to be correct. So why is his drum track not syncing and all out of time with my recorded track? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what the issue could be to no avail. If you can provide some advice and help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

You know, no one excpet of you knows what exactly the problem is, so how about providing some useful information? what exactly does not sync? Is the drum tracks too fast? too slow? if so - how much? does the timing vary? Quite certainly it´s a samperate issues nevertheless.

I did provide information. The drum track is not syncing, it is the correct tempo, but it is out of time, and not matched to the click track in my DAW. And it doesn’t match all the other instrument tracks that are in sync with each other.