Imported .WAV file not in sync with set fixed tempo project

So I convert YouTube instrumentals to .WAV files to record covers in Cubase.

However, whenever I import them into Cubase and change the tempo to fixed to enter my desired BPM for the instrumental, the metronome quickly goes out of sync and delays.

I’ve tried preferences > editing > change musical mode to time linear but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried double left clicking the waveform for the instrumental audio and made sure the tempo was changed to the correct BPM but it still doesn’t do anything.

What am I doing wrong?

Now what exactly do you want to achieve. And what are you doing? An imported audio file will not sync automatically to a fixed project tempo.

I’m looking to import a .wav or .mp3 I have converted from YouTube using an online converter, import it into Cubase and be able to put down a steady metronome that won’t delay midway the song.

Then you either need to make a tempo definition for the audio file, and then stretch it to the metronome/grid, or you need to adjust the metronome/grid to the audio file’s tempo.

How do I do either or?

That depends on the software you are using, but should be explained in its manual.

I’m using Cubase but can’t figure it out.

Certainly, question is just which version…:unamused: