Imported wave files are sped up.

Why Cubase speeds up some of my imported files?
I just created a session and wanted to “enhance” some tracks for my mobile listening (EQ + some compression) and some of the tracks imported ok but some were sped up.
I used EAC to rip the WAV files.
My sessions are set up as 48kHz/24bit by default and the rips are standard 44,1kHz/16bit.
When I import files I am always asked to resample the flies and most of the times everything is ok but sometimes despite being asked to resample the imported file is like “helium buffed”, what am I doing wrong?

it sounds to me that you haven’t checked the box to resample your samples to match your project when you import

From the release note of Cubase 10.5.20

“Importing multiple audio files with varying sample rates into a project at the same time was not working correctly.”

Ahh… That would explain a lot. Thanks