Imported XML displays horn part without key

I’ve import an Music XML from Finale. The Horn part is displayed without a key, all other parts have the right key ( F in concert pitch).
What is wrong and how can I change this to the existing part without adding a new Horn part. I have attached the Music XML file. (65.1 KB)

In Setup mode, select the horn player from the Players panel, expand its card, click on the ‘Horn’ instrument held by the player, and from the menu choose ‘Change Instrument’. Then choose the desired variant for the horn that does include a key signature – these are the ones that don’t have “no key signature” in their name.

Sorry for my bad explanation. I have changed the Horn player directly. My question is more why Dorico change the Horn part: is this a problem in the Music XML export from Finale or is this a ‘problem’ inside Dorico? I have a lot of Finale finales (more then 100) that I will export as Music XML and import to Dorico. Maybe I have to wait to do this. There are a lot of changes to make when I import all those files and save as Dorico files (VST instruments, some dynamics etc, optional parts).

I don’t think Dorico considers whether or not the instrument shows a key signature when it decides which instrument to use. It will just be picking the default horn instrument, and that’s one that shows no key signature, I expect.

I too would request the ability for the user to choose the target instrument on xml import.

Does it really matter whether you choose the instrument version before or after the import?

Yes, after is extra time and extra steps.