Importing a 2nd Audio Montage in a Audio Montage - keeping all Markers named?


I’ve done two different audio montage. All markers are named and CD-Text was edited completely.
Now I want to import the second Audio Montage into the first one but:
I want to have all named markers and CD-Text in the first one.

It is possible to stitch two audio montage together but with empty marker names only (and CD-Text
information is not imported too).

How can I do this (keeping all the information)?

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What exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe there is a different way already to get what you need.

I could put two 35min CDs/EPs onto one 70min CD for example.

Have you tried simply copying and pasting the waveforms?

It seems that it can also grab the markers. See this video:

Yes. But I had two big wavs (a single file each) and used them in two different audio montages. All markers were set and named.
Then I wanted to combine those two montages. You can import another montage but without the marker names.
This was surprising. I expected the named markers to be transferred as well. Although I was using single wav files.

It seems that only the first marker of a wav file is transferred as I can see in your video. Mine has more than one marker.
May be I have to split the big file into separate wavs as workaround before importing.

I don’t think the difference is a single WAV vs. many clips.

I think it could be that you don’t have the markers bound to the initial WAV you are copying and trying to paste. See my screen shot for a clue about how to bind markers to the start, end, or audio samples of your audio clip(s).

I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have them bound to the source file if they are not copying and pasting correctly.

Also, see my new video where I do this using a single long WAV with markers inserted into it and markers bound to the clip:

You could simply select all clips of the second montage, and paste to the 1st montage.
If the markers are linked to clips, there are copied together.

There is only one clip with a bunch of markers because I did only use one big wav file.
I’ll try this.
Importing a second audio montage containing one wav file with several markers did only import the first marker.

I think PG and I might be right in that the markers must be attached/bound to the clip before you copy it.

If you read my previous response, there is info on how to do this.

Does it have to be bound to the clip, or will binding to the audio do as well?


I think this is the same thing right? You can bind makers to the start, end, or audio samples of a clip.

When you make the markers using the CD Wizard, the markers are automatically bound to to the audio lips but if you manually add markers, then the markers need to be manually bound to the audio clips in some way.

When you do this, the markers are also copied and pasted with the clip to a new montage or elsewhere in the same montage.