Importing a DDP file?

Hi all.

OK so I’ve created a DDP File/files.

So how do I import this DDP File back into Wavelab?

In order to be presented with all the details such as track listing, times, pauses etc etc and thus allowing me to edit and then create a new DDP File.

There does not appear to be an option in any of the import/open menus (to import a DDP File).

Am I completely “off-course” with regards to this functionality i.e. is it something one just can’t do in Wavelab and/or the DDP format was never intended to have this feature.

Any help, suggestions or advice welcome


Wavelab 8.5 Full - Mac Pro - Yosemite

File/Import/DDP. Should be in there. But I think you need to be in an Audio Montage workspace to see that menu selection. Not in an Audio File workspace. So if your program opens to the Audio File workspace, you need to open an Audio Montage workspace. Once you get there, select the DDP folder to import (not a DDP file). Also, in the import dialog I always select “audio in pause”.

Thanks bob99 for your prompt reply

I have shut down for today and will have another look tomorrow.



Of course you’re editing a 16 bit file then, which you should not re-dither, but I assume you’ve done this before and know that, and are only pulling out one complete track or something like that, and not doing any further level, fades, crossfade edits, processing, etc. Normally when I change anything I go back to the original 24 bit or 32 bit montage again, make modified montages, and make new DDPs. That keeps the original quality.

Yeh, thanks.

I rendered/exported the original 88.2/24 to 44.1/16 - quit Wavelab, reopened Wavelab (empty) and dragged resulting files into the Basic CD window. From there did the pause edits etc, then wrote the DDP - no dithering or anything when creating the DDP

Thanks. Sorry, I just wondered what you meant by “edit” after importing the DDP, because any editing (except butt edits) or processing to the imported DDP 16 bit file would be considered a lower quality way of doing it, compared to editing or processing the original 24 or 32 bit files and downsampling / bit reduction again.

Hi bob99

Very many thanks for showing me how to do this.

I accept that this is in the Manual but it can be easily missed when one is in a mild state of panic as you search for an option that seemingly has “disappeared”.

As you suggested I created an empty Audio Montage Workspace and lo and behold the DDP option is now available in the File-Import menu!!! - REMEMBERING TO SELECT THE WHOLE FOLDER AND CLICKING ON OPEN IN THE FILE NAVIGATION WINDOW.

However the track names e.g. “Confused In Germany”, have been omitted and now just come up as track one, track two etc. I’m thinking that these should have been entered into CD meta-data windows in order to embed them???

Also I would suggest that rather than have main menus changing depending on what window/workspace you’re in, surely a better way would be to have all import options available at all times and if you select a certain import a “warning message” could be displayed such as “This action will be opened in a new Audio Montage Workspace” or whatever would be applicable.

I note that you always select “Audio in Pause”, what is the importance/relevance of this and/or the consequences of just importing “standard”.

Once again many thanks.