Importing a group folder

Evening all

I have found a rather nice method (in a magazine) of using a series of parallel FX and group tracks to get a different kind of equalising. It seemed to work well when added to a piece I was working on so I thought I would try it on other bits of music.

Trouble is, it is rather time consuming to set up, so I have just put together the necessary tracks in a folder and saved it.

I now want to add this folder, complete with the FX tracks to other files. There is nothing in the folder except group and FX tracks with sends backwards and forwards, compression and equalising.

It seems from the manual that I can’t insert one file into another and I can’t copy group folders or tracks.

Any bright ideas ?

Using Cubase 7.03

How about Export Selected Tracks/ Import Track Archive?

Yes that did it, thank you.

Steve is there any thing you don’t know?

Ah! it’s the snake the snake. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The majority of things.