Importing a Staffpad MusicXML file into Cubase Pro 11 & 12 (mac) crashes and kills the process

  1. Use the attached MusicXML document exported from Staffpad for iPad
    Warriors in the Clouds.xml (1.3 MB)
    (The actual music rendering is in this vi-control thread if you are interested).

  2. Launch Cubase (11 and 12 both crash, Pro, on Mac)

  3. Close the hub. Apprently having the hub open disables the MusicXML import option.

  4. Choose Import>>MusicXML and select the file.

Expected: Cubase loads my music.
Actual: The entire Cubase Process dies immediately and MacOS asks me to send a crash report.

Did you send a crash report? Usually one of the moderators will ask for it here, but sending it directly is probably preferable.

I did. It crashed multiple times and I sent them all.

Someone on VIC suggested that perhaps I was exporting compressed music xml from staffpad. But I don’t think I am - the extension is .xml, not .mxml or whatever the compressed format is. And I honestly don’t see the choice in staffpad to create compressed vs uncompressed xml.