Importing a template?

How do I import a template in an existing mix, like in pro tools ? Say I wanna import a bunch of fx tracks, how do I just import them in one go without creating fx tracks one by one and loading presets? Thanks.

is there no such thing in cubase???

Are you saying that you have a project in pro tools that you want to import into CB as a template? I would not know how to do that but, if you meant that you have a project in CB that you want to save as a template “like” you can in pro tools then it is easy. Just open the project in CB and go to file>save as template. Done

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yes i have saved the template in cubase. now i open a new song and i want to be able to import that saved template in the newly opened song. in pro tools, i am able to open a song, and then import CHANNELS into that song. say, i already have a slew of FX channels i want to use over and over in different songs, how do i import these fx channels without creating them one by one and loading the presets one by one? it seems that in cubase you can only load a preset when starting with a NEW song. i’m already in the mixing stage and i really just want to import an entire set of FX channels without doing it one by one.


Now I understand exactly what you want to do but I’m sorry to report that I don’t think it can be done. However, I may be wrong and someone else will correct me.

It’s a great idea though and I agree with sycophant.


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We have been asking for something like Pro Tools’ Import Session data for years.

But maybe Save/Load Selected Channels can help out a bit. A “poor mans” Import Session Data, that requires the channels you want to Save/Load are the exact same numbers.

For an album I usually devide it into, Drums, Drum Groups, Electric Guitars, El Guitar Groups, BG Vox etc. All groups of tracks that are of the same number between songs, and all single tracks are Saved/Loaded in chunks.

An entire set of FX-tracks can be Saved/Loaded as Track Presets though.

It may help you a bit, or not :confused:
But as said, we are missing a good “Import Session data” feature in Cubase/Nuendo.

:open_mouth: WUUUUT??? no import channels??? that is just … i dunno. is that why people say “create on cubase, mix on pro tools.”? awww man.

this is crazy, especially for mix engineers who have a standard set of aux channels. is there even a way of creating several fx channels at a time???

ok i can think of a “hack” and that is to assign a “create fx track” short cut, then press that shortcut 5-10 times. then load preset one by one. what a drag.

You can do this in reverse…

Open your Template and then File>Import>Tracks from Project

It lets you open your CPR file. Seems to open tracks right back to SX. Doesn’t seem to recognise .all Cubase files though. I’m on v8.5.20

Thinking about this, its probably much better this way, because you open up your new way of working and translate the old track into your new workings. It forces you to set up a new 6/7/8/9 Cubase project folder and leaves the old one intact. You never know when you might need an old 32 bit effect from the original.