Importing a track/channel from a different project?

Is there currently any way to import an entire track/channel from a different Cubase project? Ideally it would include the track type, relevant instrument plugin or audio data, mixer channel settings and inserts.

  1. file - export - selected tracks

  2. file - import - track archive

I love this feature for tracking at low latency after I’ve already added too many things to achieve low latency in my project. Say you’ve got a lot of stuff going on and are up to 512 samples, too high to track at lowest latency.

  1. Export audio to track against, selecting “Create New Project”
  2. New project pops right up automatically with a single stereo mixdown.
  3. Lower latency to 64 samples and track at virtual 0 latency
  4. Export selected tracks per the above instructions.
  5. Close the project that just popped up and that you tracked in and reactivate the original one
  6. Import track archive per the above instructions.

Super fast and easy. You can usually just keep all the audio files in your one project folder for simplicity, maintaining references to audio files without re-copying them.

No worries.


I had no idea… thanks!

It’s too bad you have to actively “export” a track though. It’d be better if you could import tracks by selecting another Cubase project and pulling a track out of it. One less step :slight_smile: