Importing .all files into Cubase 7.5

For years I have been using Cubase 2.8 on Windows 98 and have hundreds of .all and .arr files. I finally updated my system to Cubase 7.5 running on a Mac Mini and of course I cannot load my old files. I read the message boards and saw that you could download Cubase SX3 and convert the files to the new format. When I tried this, the Mac ( running the latest version of mavericks) said it does not support Mac Pro files. Anybody have similar issues that could help? Has anyone requested Steinberg write a conversion program for this problem?

SX3 has been discontinued for many years and is not supported for 10.9. I would suggest using SX3 on 10.3.9 or 10.4 (or Windows XP) to convert to a .cpr file SX3 only officially supported import from Cubase VST5 file though, so I do not know for certain how it would do with a VST 2.8 file. I’m sorry but there is not a conversion program.

Right! So, why don’t you write a conversion program, from “.all” and “.arr” to “.mid” and “.omf”? It would be verrry useful, even if it would recover only the bare midi content!

Thousands of musicians would be grateful.

Get “” on your Mac and install your Cubase 2.8 into that. It runs on a Mac and lets you use Windows programs that run inside it. You will probably not have any audio but you could at least open .all and .arr files and export the MIDI to a .MID file and the audio to .WAV., you can then import these into Cubase 7. You wouldn’t really need to export the audio as you will have all the wave files in your old projects but by exporting the combined audio (all tracks to stereo, with no fx, automation etc) you will at least have an idea where everything should go in the timeline of the project. Alternatively you can mute all tracks but one and export them that way, one by one but will be very time consuming for hundreds of projects with audio. Make sure you use Cubase 2.8 (in Wineskin) on your desktop or at least on your main drive as you cannot browse external drives.