Importing an advanced Color Palettte?

There’s a YT video that Chris Selim posted that shows an expanded color palette that is pretty cool. He shares it by giving you a template that you can download that has the palette in it. Once you have the template with the color palette, is there a way to save JUST the color palette in Preferences so you can create your own template with just the expanded color palette? He says that this can’t be done, that you will need to load the saved template (modified or exactly what he created) to have the color palette in any future Project. Is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated. Chris seems a brilliant Cubase user but his mix template is way too much for what I am doing. Thanks for any help.

You could start with his Template and delete everything in it - e.g. Tracks, Plugins, etc.

Then use Import from Project to get all the Tracks from your regular Template into this new one.

Or in Project Project>Project Colors Setup>Options I think if you Store it as Default then you can take an existing Project or Template and set its colors to be this new default.

Hi Raino, no, the second option doesn’t work - I wish! What’s odd here is that you can see the color preference listed in Chris’ Project and you can make it the default color scheme, and then you can close this Project, open a blank one, and actually find the new default listed by name…but then you choose it and the Cubase stock colors are what you get. Arrg!

I’ll send you a template if you want?

When I updated to .20, I lost my color palette. What I did:

  1. Panic.
  2. Search for project that contained this custom palette and open it.
  3. Open Project Color Setup. In the Color Set tab, my colors were intact. Then in Options, I clicked Store Color Set as Default.
  4. Since there is no feedback, I clicked 3-15 times more.
  5. I have my custom palette working for every new project ever since! :slight_smile:

If this doesn’t work for you, then I suspect that maybe your preferences aren’t sticking?

Sure, if you zip it you can post it right here.

Roger, I’ll send it in a message, I don’t want to get anybody upset. (Sent just now.)

ggmanestraki, this doesn’t work here but maybe I don’t understand what you did. I do not find anything that says ’ Store Color Set as Default’. This would be nice if such a setting existed, of course. Are you finding this in Preferences or somewhere else?

Arrg, it’s like looking at candy through a store window…:frowning:

ggmanestraki is referring to this


Here is the tab in which you save the colors as default.

You need to click Store Color Set as Default. (Click on it some times for good measure)
Then press Apply.

If from then on you don’t have this palette available to you for any new project, I would bet that the preferences are sleeping on the job.

I’m sorting this, thank you both! I still have a few questions that I check in with you guys about tomorrow. I had no idea this color setup dialog existed, and it is very nice, offering many colors that I didn’t see before that I can introduce to any Project I have created. However, the palette that Chris created consists of 88 colors and here I see that I CAN save this, but it exists only for a New EMPTY Project, NOT anything already mapped out. Am I still missing something?

Ahhhh, I see now!

No, those colors that you set as default WILL NOT show up in other projects. Those older projects have their own palette. (Remember, it’s the Project Colors Setup) :wink:

You must do as raino said here:

You will start a new project with the new fancy colors loaded, and then use Import from Project to rebuild your old project, importing it track by track. It is backwards, as it would be easier to have an Import Colors option and be done with it. A good case for a Feature Request!

Actually, if you have set up a set of colors and “set as default” as described above, you can “import” the set into any other project. It will try to make substitutions you may not like since it is replacing one set of colors with another. But from then on, the color menu in that project will be that new set. In the project whose color set you want to change to the new default set:

Project -> Project Colors Setup -> Options tab -> “Reset Color Set to Default”

Nothing will visibly change at this point, until you hit “Apply”.

Perfect! I didn’t know that!

YES!!! This does work, glittle, how did you sort this? All I can say is there are some very creative ppl on this forum that just plow through things to get what they want. Kudos to all of you, glittle, ggmanestraki, and raino. I’m VERY glad that ALL OF YOU took a minute to sign into this post and help. You guys made my day!!

Raino, I see that my message to you containing the Project with the modified color palette is just sitting in my Outbox. Wha? I’m not sure what this means but hopefully it will get to you someday. I hope it’s not because I had to rename the zip file. Arrg! Try messaging me if you like; maybe if you start the dialog I can reply…

It means that at the time you looked I had not yet read the message. It shows in the Outbox until read…

Ah, I guess I’ve been told that before. For some reason I think messaging is like email, my bad.