Importing and exporting sound problems

Hi everybody.
I have some isues, when i Import an audiofile, the dynamic is flat.
When it enters my Project, its sooo flat, dynamics is gone.
And when i export it its flat.
I have tried to read, watch youtube and , im lost.
Mastering , but i fear i only make it worse.
Can anybody please help me.
Also my input is low.
I use Cubase 12 Pro, win 10
M-audio duo

Thx in advance

I don’t know what you mean by “flat”, but could you give an example?
Perhaps one that is included with Cubase so other users can test and compare?
Also, screenshots help!

Hi, thx for replying.
Flat is as all the dynamics im trying to make in cubase its not working.
I think im doing it correct, from what i have learned through the years.
When i take an audio file, listen to it before importing it,
It like listen to i t on and old radio. Drums loos the kick drums.
And when i try to fix it, its gets muddy, i mean worse.

And my input is low, im thinking maybe is has something to do with is

what are the audio files you import, and how do you know that they are not “flat” before?
And what do you mean, your “input is low”
Can you maybe share audio examples, before and after?

ok i will

You need to provide way more information. Start with the basics, like what are you working on. Are you on PC or Mac? What is your audio interface?
Then, give us a play-by-play with screenshots so we can see what you’re seeing and try to reproduce.

My input is a wav file
Sorry i was kicked off…

But ive tried convert it to mp3, without succes.

But i cant upload wav here.

But the sound is ok here, but as soon its in cubase…its flat, muddy

I have a new singer, and i cant make the sound loud enough, though i do all i can. Even with mastering. Im so frustrated. I can see what doing is right, in the mix…but it sounds soo, without power

Sorry for being a bit blunt, but you’re not making it easy to help you here. All you do is complain about your sound being muddy. @mlindeb already wrote that you need to provide much more detail about your setup, including screenshots, and step by step instructions of what you are doing.
Cubase by itself does not “muddy” the sound, it must be some setting, some plugin or some operating error.

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yea maybe yore right, Im sorry about the missing details, iwill return with more. Thx for your help, both of you

Can you provide a picture of a wave file before and after?