Importing audio files


I’m sure this has been discussed earlier, but I can’t find the thread. May I ask how to import an audio file in Dorico? If I remember correctly, you had to load it as a movie.

I’ve tried converting an .mp3 file to .mov and .m4v with QuickTime Player and VLC, but the video format is not recognized by Dorico (the file is, after changing the extension to .mp4). Any hint?


These formats are supported:

Hi Ulf, thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to solve my issue.

  • I open the .mp3 file in QuickTime Player, and save it as a .mov file. The file is not even recognized by Dorico, when trying to attach it to a flow.

  • I open the .mp3 file in VLS (latest version), and save it as an MP4 file (.m4v extension). The .m4v file is not even recognized by Dorico. When replacing the extension to .mp4, the file is recognized, but they I get a “video format not valid” message.

So, it seems the files are of the right type, but they don’t work. What may I have been doing wrongly?


.mp4 is a container Format, as is .mov
You should make sure that the viewing itself is H.264 encoded.
Maybe you would get the best results with concerting your .mov file into a H.264 .mp4 with a software like „Handbrake“?
Or get a free video editor (like iMovie) that natively can export to .mp4 (actually now I am not so sure about iMovie anymore…)

EDIT: following Ulf‘s link, it should at least recognize the .mov format

As for why the recognized file format is not recognized a valid video format, I may suspect that it is not enough to convert an audio file into a video file. I should probably load it into a video editor, and save it from there as a video file. I’ll try it later.

Unless, the audio import feature is not announced this evening! :slight_smile:


Also be sure the audio sample rate of your video is the same as the sample rate you are running for Dorico. (Think I heard that somewhere a while ago.)