Importing Audio Files

Greetings. I’m a brand new Cubase user. Other than learning to use the many features Cubase has available, one of the things I want to do is play my bass along with existing audio tracks. This existing audio may be an iPhone voice memo from rehearsal, or a popular song I have downloaded and want to learn/play along to.

I imported a song from my iTunes library (on PC) without any problems, however, I am not able to import from Dropbox or from the voice memo that I emailed myself and downloaded to desktop.

The voice memo is in M4A file format…

Any suggestions to make this an “easy” process?

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You need to convert it to WAV or MP3.

Is there a conversion tool people like most, or just spin the Google and see what comes up? I was able to convert files to mp3, in Dropbox, then I successfully imported (1) file into Cubase, however, when I try to import others (new project) I get the message “The file cannot be accessed by the system”…

If you already have itunes, use that.

Find the list of audio file types Cubase accepts.

I would not be using Dropbox for this, it adds a layer of complexity where none is needed, is not made for use with realtime daw work, and if you try to use it to sync your files, will cause file permission problems (locked-in-use files). Daws need their audio files stored on the machine where they will be used. End of story, if anyone says different they are selling you something. :exploding_head:

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Cubase Pro and Artist comes with Spectralayers One, which can convert M4A to WAV. There are other conversion tools you can find on the Internet, too, if you prefer.

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Thank you. I do have iTunes.

I’ve been using iTunes for years, but I’ve been confused with how to edit track information (edit in iTunes, or edit the files where they are stored). It’s not something I’ve attempted for a while, but I think there is a way to get those tracks out of synch, and create problems.

Are you saying, upload audio files to a specific folder in iTunes, then import to Cubase from there?

Ooh, wow, I am overwhelmed :slight_smile:

Well, I just had a look, and in Itunes, File>convert does not show the options it did a while back.

I think it might be the only program that doesn’tprovide for M4a to WAV or mp3!

I would do this:

  1. Install Audactiy
  2. Install FFmpeg for Audacity

Another one I use sometimes is MusicBee, which can batch convert, but it’s a bit messy-looking

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Yes, this method works perfectly! Thank you!