Importing Audio to new track - No Metering or Sound

Hi, Just bought CB7 today (from a long time ProTools user).
Everything is working pretty well (audio recording, midi VST instruments etc).

Importing audio to a new track (stereo WAV or MP3) will show no metering and no sound during playback.

Digidesign 003 rack

I’ve tried all of the VST connection settings I can think of and trawled google to no avail.

Here are some screen shots that will hopefully help (FYI the control room is disabled)


Just an update…
Playing with it further today I have found that I get NO audio metering/output at all. Even on recorded tracks.
I can record IN ok from any of the selected channels but they will not play back at all.

I also found that the auditioning of a file (from the import dialog) works fine (I get sound and metering) but once imported into a track…no dice.

I have the latest drivers for the 003 rack interface. quite frustrating and confusing…

Hi, and welcome in Cubase!

Do you have last version of Cubase (7.0.2)? Very soon should be 7.0.3 released.

Can you try to connect different sound card? Just for test, it’s not in the 003 driver.

Does audio playback return when restarting Cubase?

Do you have a Euphonix/Avid (eucon) mixer? Just be sure the output and control room routing and levels are correct, but since preview in the pool works, I have a feeling it is an issue I’ve seen as well.

I have had this happen several times and have a theory as to why. Pm me if you have a test project where this is happening (if it is still silent after restarting Cubase).