Importing Audio track results in crackling sound on track?

Hi, Im importing a SINGLE audio track (Vocal recording) in AIFF form . It plays nicely in itunes and garageband, but when I import it into Cubase, it has a crackling sound… I’ve tried searching for answers, but most people are having this problem when they have many, many tracks playing at once and many VST instruments on the project. My project is brand new with only this track in it, no effects. My mac is brand new… haven’t had this issue before… I think it may have something to do with the sample rate or bit rate of my project? But I am pretty much in the dark when it come to those things… please help! Thanks :slight_smile:

I figured out that Garageband records and plays back at 16 bit resolution… So I adjusted cubase to 16 bit resolution from 32 bit and re-imported the audio track… there is less crackling, but still some crackling… I’m trying to play around with the sample rate, but so far no luck :-/

More likely to be a soundcard buffer size issue, would be handy to state your system and soundcard.

Hi thanks for responding. My system is Mac OSX 10.6.7 Processor 2.4 Ghz with i5 core , and 4 GB Memory… I’m using a Pre sonus Audio Box Usb to record… I feel stupid, but I don’t know about my soundcard? Is that my interface? Or is it something built into the mac? Also, Now I have been running into my project full on skipping or stopping when I have many 20 or so tracks running at once. Do I need to add ram to my computer? That sounds silly to me because It is a fairly new and recent model that I use only to run cubase on.Thanks for any help :slight_smile: