Importing .cpr files into current project

I am trying to do a compilation of several projects, each one of about 4 minutes long, into just one lasting about 5 minutes. If I open one of these songs and then try to import one of the other ones into it cubase wont let me, remember, I’m not importing a .mid file, thats easy, I want to import a .cpr file.
Am I missing something here ? I have tried saving all 4 projects as .mid files but cubase wont accept them as midi files. … H E L P !

In the projects you want to include in a main project, you should actually go to
File > Export > Export Selected Tracks (try selecting all the tracks, I’ve never done this though)
Then in your main project, go to
File > Import > Import Track Archive

You can’t import whole projects into another project, but you can probably export/import the entire set of tracks, along with midi and audio files, inserts, maybe FX channels too, though I haven’t tried the latter either.

Thanks for that Fizbin, Not exactly as you suggested, but has certainly put me on the right path. A little experimenting here and there and I should have a solution in an hour or too.

Kind Regards

Sir Norman.