importing Cubase midi file into Dorico troubles...

Any Dorico users importing cubase midi files into Dorico??? please help: I have a midi file in Cubase Artist9.5. It plays just like i want it BUT: it is made up of 6 layers, and when I export it into Dorico…it looks like garbage…and is Not the part i hear playing. note: I think the track might have layers of midi recordings on top of each other, but it is only One midi track in Cubase, and plays fine when i play it…(i assume if there are layers underneath i’m only hearing the top layer…) anyways I can’t export it properly into Dorico…how do I clean up this midi file for proper export into Dorico? please advise

any other tips on exporting Cubase midi files into Dorico greatly appreciated.
many thanks

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Steve. You say it has six “layers” – do you mean six MIDI/instrument tracks in Cubase, or do you have everything in one track? If everything’s in one track, if you can separate the regions on your combined track into individual tracks, that will help Dorico to import it more sensibly, because each track will then be imported as a separate player/instrument.

Also be careful that the option “Export as Type 0” is unchecked during the export process.
Type 0 will put all data on a single track.
When this option is unchecked Cubase will export midi as “Type 1” meaning that data will be put on separate tracks.
Of course it presupposes that your data is on several midi tracks in Cubase.

You can read more about Exporting MIDI files from Cubase here:

everything on one track, but the track, as so many of mine are, is comprised of many “layers” in cubase.

I expect (at least at present) CuBase, being a DAW, will have more sophisticated tools for preparing the export than Dorico will have for receiving it.

I am curious about this general area, as I often import a lot of MIDI into Finale. Mostly that is from Band-In A Box in order to pre-load rhythm section tracks with realistic-sounding content as I work on other parts of the arrangements or compositions. But sometimes I have a melody or ensemble line I have entered into a DAW or BIAB that I do want to import into the notation program for notation purposes. I would appreciate any observations about how well these operations are working (or not) in Dorico at this stage.