Importing Dialogue into ADR panel

I understand you can import markers start/end time, name and marker ID via .CSV. But is there any way to import the dialog into the dialogue section of the ADR panel? This has been typed out for me already and I’d rather not do it again as there are a LOT of lines.

Any column, any field in an Excel file cna be imported into Marker tracks and placed in a field of your likings.
We do this pretty much every day.

Attached a screenshot of a typical project. At the bottom you see the translated dialog.
Marker Window.jpg

Does the rec done field check itself while using the ADR taker? That would be super useful!

It does indeed.


Perfect thanks Fredo. Now if the guy who typed the dialog would only get the words correct :frowning: I’m having to re-type a lot anyway.

Just out of curiosity, besides cutting/pasting individually? Is there a way to do this with a whole column within Nuendo?

if i understand your question correctly, yes.
You can enter data into multiple rows of one column by selecting multiple rows and entering data into one cell and pressing enter.
Im not sure it works in all columns but i think it does.

if you want to do extensive editing, i suggest exporting and re-importing into nuendo using any csv capable excel style program.

Thanks Erik. But I want to copy paste DIFFERENT info in each box. Looks like importing/exporting is the way to go. “Copy Description to Dialogue Box” would be a nice feature.

Used the N7 ADR take for a couple hundred lines of dialog and it worked flawlessly. It made me look like a rock star and everyone commented on how streamlined everything was. Thanks Steinberg.