Importing Drum Files into Project:

Hi everyone, I want to make sure I am doing this correctly. I use a UK based studio drummer to do my drum tracks, he sends me the raw tracks and I fly them into my project. I just have been putting them in the project file from a usb thumb drive (my recording DAW is not on the internet) I noticed that when I copy the drum files to the project file that the drum tracks show up as audio files outside of the actual project file and not IN the project file! this correct? or am I doing something wrong? thanks for your advice and help everyone… Lee near Detroit Michigan USA

Thought you were going to register to post in the correct forum?

Anyway… are you using the import files command from the file menu?

Or have you tried just dragging them to an open project?

I thought I was in the proper Forum??? the Forum description says" Cubase 5 and 4
All topics on Cubase 5 and 4 (incl. Studio, Essential) can be found here" My DAW is Cubase 4 Essentials… what Forum should I be posting in then?

That is indeed where you should be posting, but you posted in the Welcome to Steinberg forum instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that, the problem is that when I’m on the 5-4 Cubase Forum there is NOT a radio button showing up so that I CAN post to it! I have PM’ed a moderator about it but so far no answer! The reason I posted in the Welcome page is because that was the only available place to post because there was a NEW TOPIC button available! :open_mouth:

Oh I see, have you seen the sticky at the top of this forum?

I see two locked announcements one for 5.5 Cubase and one for 6.0 Cubase release… those are all that I see. below it I see all the posts to the Forum, there still is no radio button for new topics? and no moderator has answered my question as to why? this is very strange!

So you have logged into MySteinberg, Under Support (on the left) you have selected Forum then Created an Account?

After you registered the product under Products/Product Registration.


Well looks like you have as you have an Avatar???

Yes registered my dongle and did the profile. About ten minutes after I sent the return to you last responded to me, someone fixed the radio button and now it appears and I can now post to the Forum! Thanks for trying to help me! maybe there is a waiting period after you register your dongle number? but that must have been three days or more that I could not post.

Yeah I think there’s a delay till the sever picks it up?

Anyway hows the drum files?

What do you mean by saying “showing up as audio files outside of the actual project file”?

Cubase does not save audio into project file, but separate audio files in the project**folder**. If this is the case, everything is as it should. If you mean something else, then please describe more accurately.

The drum files are all sorted now, thanks everyone for the help!