Importing/Exporting playing techniques

I have been looking for information about importing custom playing techniques from one Dorico project to another, but I didn’t find anything about this.
Should I create new scores from the last score to have access to my created playing techniques, or there is another way to do that?
Thank you very much in advance!

PD: By the way, a search box in Playing techniques menu would be much appreciated, especially if a lot on custom techniques are created!

I found that “Save as Default” feature is the solution to this question (and also to other custom created items, such as noteheads). I must say that this version of Dorico is absolutely amazing!

Still one question realted to this… Is is possible to remove one item that has been saved as default? If so, how?

The easiest way would simply be to delete it from the PT list.

Thanks! I was just writing what I found: deleting the item that has been “saved as default” from a project different than where it was created, deletes it as default from all projects (and keeps it where it was created).

I tried saving a custom technique as default and can’t get it to work. I just wanted to created a dashed line, and did so in the playing techniques editor. It works in the project I created it in. I saved it as a default, and tried it in another project. It shows up in the playing technique editor with the exact same settings, but when I try to use it…no dashed line appears. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

What happens if you place it then type Shift+Alt+Right? My suspicion is that whatever you’re doing isn’t giving it any duration, and without a duration the line can’t be drawn.

Yup that did it, thanks!