Importing/exporting video into Nuendo, and ADR text rendering

I am wondering whether there may be an option, to be able to export ADR (textual) dialog along with a video file.

In addition, it seems that unless you have actually imported a video into the program, you cannot export a video file, i.e., black with just ADR text, e.g., for subtitling audio files, for example for use in a webpage or for further dubbing.

If there was an ability to import still images into Nuendo, and arrange them or snap to bars, beats, etc., this would go a long way towards achieving my aim or to simply be able to instance a video without needing to import content.

Originally, I was trying to export markers along with dialog and import them into a project file containing stems, but I have had no success thus far and there is nothing in online help which would allude to that goal.

I have found using the same tempo track, in both composition and mix projects suffices but in that case; since dialog cannot be easily shared between projects (or at all) so I have ended up doing it in the mix file alone but it is cumbersome, as I have to change every successive marker each time the tempo file changes.

Are Steinberg looking at doing some work in this area, at all?

It suffices for basic needs but the application could do with some improvements in my view, in areas that may either be considered professional or otherwise since I’d be rather impressed were I able to dispense with video applications altogether; for what I consider basic functionality.