Importing expression maps issue (D3)

Hello again,
I tried to find this topic but I couldn’t. My problem is I have to load expression maps for few of my instruments each time I open project. Although everything is saved, nice and clean. It worked in D 2.2. Is anyone else experience this?
In my case I load expression map with “2 octaves up” transposition for strings harmonics in Halion Sonic SE.

In Dorico 3 the idea is that the way custom expression maps are paired up with instruments is via playback templates. If there’s a particular instrument that uses this expression map, then set it up manually in HALion Sonic SE 3 – e.g. load the string patches that need this expression map into a new instance of HSSE3, and then set the appropriate expression map in the Endpoint Setup dialog, then save an Endpoint Configuration from the Endpoint Setup dialog, then go to Play > Playback Templates and create a new playback template that consists of this saved endpoint configuration and the regular HSSE+HSO (Pro) “auto” template. Then set that new playback template as your default in Preferences, and that should do it.

Thank you so much. I’ll try this way.