Importing EXS / Sampler Sounds

Just wonder if anyone successfully imported ESX or the New Logic Sampler patches ?

its odd some patch load fine , others are looking for the wrong sample names see below

In Sampler the sample name is = 100m - Sky Pad 2a -A0-V127-SCWG
but Halion is looking for a sampler named = 100m - Sky Pad 2a#000007

I think this is linked to Logic “AutoSampler” create sample names automatically , for some reason Halion is looking for the wrong sample name

I have Decent sampler, and that is able to import with correct samples, even though they are also named by logics “autosampler”

if anyone would like to try this here is a patch I made using Autosampler , the patch load fine in EXS and also will convert in to decent sampler .

Sampler (2.3 MB)

here a video to decent sampler, can load this patch no problems - Import ESX to Halion - YouTube