importing files so they are the same

Hey All

A friend and i both have cubase 7.5.20, i recorded at his house the other day and did a batch export

most were mono audio files

when i dragged them into my cubase to mix they were files with the wav for on top and a straight line on the bottom

looking like a stereo file to me even though i set up the track as a mono track before i dragged it in

can someone help me understand this? why do i have stereo files if my batch export was a mono and my actual new track in cubase was a mono track?


Perhaps you could post a screen grab so we can see what you’re describing. Are you sure your exported wave files really are mono? What does it say about the files in the media pool?

If you have stereo files (which you have, if the files show 2 channels), then the batch export was not mono.
The batch export format does not depend on what format the files were originally recorded at, just as the file format does not depend on the kind of track (mono / stereo 5.1) it is imported to.
Anyway you could split the files on import…