Importing FL Studio MIDI Files Problem

I recently switched from FL Studio to Cubase and thought I would import some of my FL Studio songs as MIDI files. After importing. the instruments selected for each track are messed up, but that’s not a problem as I expected that. My hope was to get all the note info into key editor, which I did. So far so good. I can fix everything from there. But, it won’t allow me to save any changes. After making changes, Cubase locks up when i try to save them and all changes are lost.

Any suggestions?

Are you importing .mid files created in FL?

“Cubase locks up when i try to save them and all changes are lost.”

What do you mean by “them”? Are you trying to save the project, or are you trying to re-export the imported MIDI data and save as .mid files?

Hey Jeff Hayat from the East West forum!

Yes I’m saving FL songs as MIDI files. Cubase loads the file just fine, or I should say the piano roll/key editor notes are loading intact, which is all I need to get the songs going in Cubase.

By “them” I mean edits. If I make any changes at all, and I need to make a lot, Cubase locks up when I try to save the song. When I force Cubase to close and open it back up, a file of the new version was created, but Cubase says it’s corrupt and won’t open it.

Apparently this is nothing new. A Google search turns up posts about this problem that are years old. I was hoping that a workaround had been discovered, or Cubase had fixed the problem.

Who??? :laughing:

Try this:

Launch Cubase
Create new empty project
Create a MIDI track, and add to it a MIDI event with a few notes
Export > .mid file
Close that project; no need to save
Create new empty project
Import the .mid file you just created with Cubase
Try and save the project

If you can’t (hard to imagine), then there is a problem with Cubase, and the first thing you should do is trash your prefs.

If you can, that means when you import the FL .mid files, something funky is happening to Cubase, and that Cubase doesn’t like them. What .mid type are they?

Maybe you can import the FL .mid files, re-export them, close and NOT save the project, create new project, import the new .mid files, and save the project then?

I did as you suggested, as well as downloaded a MIDI file off the internet. They both allowed me edit and save them with no problems.

So it is an FL Studio MIDI file issue. Thanks for your help!