Importing flows into projects working on iPad alone

Working with the iPad version of Dorico. I wish to work with a project that uses multiple flows to build up a compendium of short pieces (say two part dance tunes). I began a project by importing an xml file for my first piece. This unsurprisingly went into the first project flow. I now wish to add further pieces as additional flows. I have searched for a solution and cannot find one; neither able to import an additional xml nor a dorico flow file. Am I missing something by being unobservant or am I expecting too much of this software? If there is a solution that would be welcome.

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At the moment there’s no way to import flows into an existing project in Dorico for iPad. For that operation you will need the desktop version at the present time.

Thank you very much for the quick clarification. Unfortunately this limitation will delay my take up of the iPad version of dorico. A pity as as I had hoped to rationalise my toolkit and use the dorico family only - especially in order to avoid using multiple file masters.

I can already use other, simpler established apps (eg Notion or Symphony Pro) and export xml to be combined subsequently using dorico pro on my laptop. In this way preliminary composition and arrangement is done on the iPad and the smart engraving, layout and printing is done subsequently in the laptop installation of dorico pro.