importing flows with chords

I have a Dorico project (“Dance Tunes”) with a lot of individual dance tunes each it’s own flow. A dance will comprise of up to 6 of these individual tunes. I’m thinking that it would be easiest to create an individual Dorico project for each dance (for example “The Eightsome Reel”) and import the individual flows from the tunes project. It’s all going fine apart from that the chords of the tune in Dance Tunes are turned into markers in the destination The Eightsome Reel project so they do not appear as chords for printing.

How do I import the chords as chords?



Assuming that by “markers” you mean “signposts”, then it’s not a case of how you’re importing them, but rather how your Players are set up in the destination project (the one that you’re importing into).

I’m not sure whether you’re merging imported players with existing players or letting Dorico create new players, but either way, you need to go into Setup mode and check that the following is set correctly for whichever player(s) should see chord symbols.

If I’ve misunderstood then perhaps attach one of the destination projects, zipped.

Don’t worry, they are really chord symbols: they’re just not set to appear for that instrument in the project in which you’ve imported the flow. Go to Setup mode, right-click the player for whom the chord symbols are showing as signposts, and choose Chord Symbols > Show in Full Score and Parts and Show For All Instruments. That should take care of it.

That was exactly the problem. Many thanks to you both it’s now working fine.