Importing from CD play back speed

Could someone please inform me on why when importing a song from a CD the play back speed of the song once in Cubase is faster than the CD speed?
To finally get the proper playback speed I had to download the song (Internet) then import it into Cubase.
Just to note - The length of the sound tracks were different - The CD tracks were much shorter and in a higher pitch. The Internet video download was longer and in the correct pitch.
Another question - it seems the songs imported are split into separate Left & Right tracks. Is this the new normal? At one time they imported in as a stereo track. By selecting both tracks the audio editor functions just as well as when editing a stereo track, so that aspect is fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check your project sample rate. It’s probably 48Khz, CD’s are 44,1

Wow! That changed everything… Thanks Jari :slightly_smiling_face: