Importing from ProTools via AAF - anyone done it?

Looking for some kind member who has experienced importing from ProTools into Cubase v10. I have to do this Sunday. Going over to the guitarist’s place to collect his tracks. I can’t take my computer; I do want to use AAF since that sounds much easier than the usual bouncing down; but I have no experience of this. He has ProTools 2018v3. I am hoping I can just copy over each session folder and the AAF file for each tune and import at home into the corresponding Cubase project; delete the basic stems I sent him and be ready to go. Anything to be aware of? I sent him 24bit 48k and that’s what he recorded at. I searched around for vids on this but it’s a bit early I suppose. Thanks very much.


This function exists in Nuendo for years, and I would say it’s used every day by Nuendo users. It’s not actually completely new feature, it was just allowed in Cubase 10 too.

So I would say, it’s quite “tested” by the users, and it will work without any issue to you.

Thanks Martin.

Can just ask a quick question please Martin: if I sent Cubase 10 AAF format plus Audio folder to a ProTools user; with regard to drums recorded in multiple lanes - how do these present in ProTools? Thanks very much.

I’m sorry, I don’t know.