Importing Giga Key Switches

Hal 4 latest ver
Tech support is working on this but I’m also trying to get an answer here
in the meantime.
Anyone importing Giga Libraries with key switches?
They import Key Switch shows up with Mega Trigger
but only the first trigger will play back.
I’ve checked Alternate Key Switching as per
Tech, didn’t work. Any ideas?

Hi Terry,
can you specify which Giga Library does not work for you? Or is it one you created yourself with a previous Giga-Sampler version?
I have checked it here with a “Vienna Symphony BASSI_all_articulations” (5 keyswitches). I can’t see any problem here.

best regards

Kirk Hunter Emerald

The Giga version of the “Kirk Hunter Emerald” seems to be not available anymore! This makes it of course impossible for me to check here what’s so special about the keyswitches in that library.

Is there in fact no one else detecting problems with keyswitch import of Giga libraries ?

best regards

Just for fun I tried converting a couple of Emerald KSW patches & they map OK here. However there’s nothing exotic in the KH Giga programming anyway that should cause problems. Is there a specific patch you can point us towards?

In general I’ve not encountered any issues importing Giga keyswitches, H4 is remarkably accurate in that respect.