Importing Impulses Into REVerence + Save = Missing File?

Hi Folks,

When I import external impulses into REVerence, save as a preset, and load, I am prompted to find the .wav file:

“Cannot locate Impulse Response File: xxxxx” every time.

Is this pilot error?

What do I need to do to be sure presets I create using external .wav impulses actually load them?

As it stands, I have to locate them each time I load a preset.

You know what. This is the way REVerance has been with me too since Cubase 7. Not certain it has been caught yet.

Import a WAV Impulse response.
Save nad close the project
reopen the Project.
Reverance will ask for the path to the WAV

I see it’s not just me.

It’s a fine plugin, but the fact that it does this has prevented me from using it as much as i would like.

Perhaps Steinberg can comment?

Don’t understand I’ve made hundreds preset for REVerence with no problem at all ! just make sure you don’t move/change your wave impulse folder. and use save preset as.

I have the same problem with all my Nuendo and Cubase installations. Sometimes paths, which I never change, are remembered but very often they’re not. Although I haven’t checked all situations under Cubase 8 now, because after lots of enthusiasm with REVerence, I lost most of the interest because of this problem. Sometimes it works to re-save one or two times a preset. Why? - don’t know. I cannot see a real pattern when the IRs are remembered and when not. It happens differently even in the same folder. I have my IRs collected in one folder with sub folders for all convolution plug ins.