Importing Key Commands doesn't work

HI Guys,

I just upgraded from Cubase 8 to 9. I normally move the Key Commands file and Configuration file onto the next version of Cubase, I did work with the Configuration file, but it seems that Cubase 9, can’t import all of my Key Commands.
Any ideas?

this? Cannot import key commands. - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks for the reply!
Cubase can’t open the Key Command file that I copied from Cubase 8. I can see my filename in the list of Key Commands in Cubase, but once I choose it, It won’t open it\load my key command file :\

You need to manually copy the file to the root directory. That’s why I posted the link.

I did, and I can already see in Cubase 9, but when I tried to choose it from the Key Command list in Cubase, I’m getting an error: “Invalid preset!” :\

Oh. I am not at my DAW till tomorrow morning… Maybe someone else will chime in.

One idea though might be to- in Cubase 8.5 save your key commands under a new name, then try using that file.

Also let us know what OS platform you’re on.

I upgraded from 8 to 9, and did give the key command file a unique name so it will be easier to find and just copy to Cubase 9.
I’m running on a PC Windows 10 64 BIT.

Maybe try quitting C9, manually renaming the file to “Key Commands.xml” (renaming the other one of course) and launching C9. Are your key commands loaded?